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Photos from 26.4.2008 have been added


New photos added: Pics from the Big Sister erotic party that took place in a Unico club Teplice, sponsored by Swingers Club Prague and amateri.cz available in the gallery.

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About us


Every guest wearing his own outfit (bathrobe, underwear, SM, latex - the more original the better!) is going to take part in our december contest! At the end of every night - the most original or erotic outfit will be rewarded!

  • Do you like something extraordinary ?
  • Would you like to have a very special evening ?
  • Do like good entertainment ?
  • How about trying something very new ?

How about spending an evening, where you can feel absolutely free, and the only thing you have to do, is to be amused ?

Have a good time at world known and unique erotic club ! You can enjoy yourself in one of 7 rooms which are available for you ! There is no censorship and imagination has no limits !

Only we can offer to you producing your own DVD with your performance ! This is a great chance of having professionally produced erotic DVD which will remind you of Bigsister for a long time !

We are able to realize all your wishes ! We have unique and stylish club, our swimming pool and sauna inside the club are waiting for you ! Great drinks, beverages and food is prepared for you for free ! Nice service, relaxing and special evenings themes are matter of course.

All the action in the club is broadcasted via internet. Should you feel ashamed you are allowed to wear nice face masks.

If it is going to be your first time on air, do not worry, there have been many like you already and most of them managed the situation very well Most of people come back to enjoy the swingers evenings again and again

Once more for those, who still hesitate ! Drinks, beverages and food for free ! Great entertainment nearly with no limits and having a record of this extraordinary action is what u should not be missed !

Every Sunday from 17.6.2007 is dedicated to amateur couples evenings and every Saturday is dedicated to Swingers evenings !
Feel free to come to us any other day you wish, and you can have a good time with our girls. You are welcomed in our club !

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